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Crysdot LLC specializes in the distribution and manufacture of fine chemicals for laboratory and scientific use to local pharmaceutical companies, biotect companies, universities, institutions and government agencies, CROs etc., as well as more than 1690 global enterprises.

We have an extensive catalog, which covers a wide range, including but not limited to building blocks, amino acids and peptides, catalysts and ligands, life-science reagents, natural compounds, APIs, etc. Catalog number is expanding constantly and periodically.

Our services also include outsourcing procurement and cost-effective custom synthesis from milligrams to kilograms.

With rapid-response customer service and years-experienced technicalteam in chemical industry, Crysdot is definitely a competent and trustworthy supplier for your research and scientific projects.

We bring everyday essentials to make chemists' lives more liveable and inspiring.

What We Offer:

• Best Possible Price
• Fine Chemicals
• On-Time Delivery
• Complete Documents

Catalog Products

There are more than 250,000 credible catalog products and approximately 10,000 stock items. New products are being added to catalog constantly. You can search our website by CAS, product name, MDL, Smile and Structure Search.

Sourcing and Procurement

We have 6000+ worldwide suppliers in supplier chain database and 1272 daily active suppliers.

All suppliers pass our Supplier Qualification Classification System and Appraisal System.

With original QEIS (Quantitative Evaluation Index System), we carry out Active Supplier Assessment every season by automated scoring to update supplier ranking.

In general, an individual assessment encompasses:

1. Commercial Systems

Price Competitiveness, Commitment to Short Leadtime, Production Control.

2. Quality Systems

Quality Manual, Organization, Procedures, Use of Statistical Process Control,

3. Manufacturing Systems

Control of Specifications, Manufacturing Capability, Workshop Control, Process Controls, Housekeeping.

All sections within the assessment are scored and summed up to a weighted mean with supplier comprehensive factor to reduce distortion. All scores compose a weighted indexation to help measure the general operation level and the trend.

Indication, Standardization, Formalization and Systematization of supplier assessment are four in one to make our supply chain keep reliable and help us with pricing and business plans.

Quality Assurance

We perform various analytical tests on product, including NMR, LC-MS, HPLC, GC, Moisture Content and Residual Solvent(PPM). All testing reports are available to order customers.

Quality control, assurance polices, programs and procedures will assure product identity, quality, purity and specifications.

Custom Synthesis

Synthesis team is capable of supporting all kinds of chemistry project and we are committed to develop the optimized synthetic route.

Medicinal novel building blocks, novel templates, reference standard compounds, impurities, by-products and other organic intermediates.

If you want to inquire more information on custom services now, please fill and submit the form below, or send a quote to sales team by

Customer Service